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Closure of the Club

Club membership has been falling consistently over a long period and we are no longer viable. The club will, therefore, terminate its activities at the end of October 2016.

The club is, however, exploring options which could result in reopening, possibly at a different venue, and with a different structure to encourage new membership.

This web site will remain live and news of any developments will be posted as and when they arise.


The club continues to host visiting bowlers and during the first five months of this year has seen 150 bowlers join the club for some roll up sessions as part of their holiday in the sun. During the middle of May the club entertained a small group of short mat bowlers from Essex who were playing under the banner of "Essex Friends". This group has expressed an interest in returning to Nerja next year with a larger group.


1st November

The club is in discussion with members of two clubs in the UK who are visiting Nerja next year to combine a holiday in this very attractive town with some short mat bowling. The club is looking forward to their visit.

20th October

The club has now moved it's home venue to the Hotel Jimesol and bowling activities at the hotel commenced at the new venue on Monday 19th October.


So far this year the club has welcomed well over 250 visitors who have been included in the club's roll up sessions on Monday and Thusday afternoons.The majority of the visitors - some short stay but others long stay - were short mat bowlers, but there were some experienced in the longer version of bowling. The club certainly enjoys having visitors and it is hoped that our visitors who are on holiday in Nerja also enjoy the experience. Our home venue - Hotel Villa Flamenca - has accommodated many of our visitors but there are many other options available in the town.


Full time membership of the club has remained fairly static over the last twelve months but there has been a considerable number of visitors. Some of these visitors are regular and can really be considered a permanant feature. This has meant that our regular roll up sessions are well attended with our three mats in frequent use.

It is still the club's aim to increase full time membership and we look forward to hearing from anyone who is intersted in joining the club.

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